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1953–1959 1959–1971 1971–1978 1978–1987 1984–1987 1987–1998
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120px-KOMO 1953 logo.jpg

KOMO-TV originally signed on the air on December 10, 1953, as an NBC affiliate on VHF channel 4 and was founded and owned the Fisher family; it became an ABC affiliate on September 27, 1959, when it switched network affiliations with KING-TV (VHF channel 5).


KOMO-TV's Channel 4 Video ID From 1960.jpg


KOMO-TV's Channel 4 Video ID From 1974.jpg

For a brief period in 1978, the station's newscasts used this logo even as the next logo below was introduced.



KOMO 1980s.svg

This '4' logo was used in various forms for 22 years; the typeface used in the wordmark is a modified form of Futura Bold, with a modified, wider 'K'.


KOMO 4 1984.svg

This italicized and bolder-text KOMO4SEATTLE logo was used concurrently with the 1978 '4' logo above in this period; additonally, the logo seen in the "Together" ID with a Futura Bold italic-oriented look with a '4' in a square on the above right side was used as a secondary logo during 1986-87; a forerunner to the below logo.



KOMO 1987.svg

Sort of a similar design to the 1971 logo; the 1978 "4" logo became enclosed in a rounded square.


KOMO-TV (1998).svg

The white outline of the square was removed, and the ABC logo placed in the upper left-hand side.


KOMO 2000.svg

Fisher Communications rebranded all of their stations with this universal logo design in 2000. Sister stations at the time included KATU, KIMA-TV, KBOI-TV, KIDK, KLEW-TV, KEPR-TV, and KVAL-TV.



Longtime owner Fisher Communications was acquired by the Sinclair Broadcast Group on April 10, 2013, with the transaction completed on August 8.


KOMO 4 2015.svg

KOMO reintroduced the 1978 "4" logo, 2 years after current owner Sinclair Broadcast Group acquired longtime owner Fisher Communications in 2013. It is still being used in tandem with the next logo; continued to be used on its lower thirds.


KOMO 4 2021.svg

The station gained a new typeface, and introduced a modified '4' logo; it is partially based on the design used by the NBC owned-and-operated stations that broadcast on channel 4.

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