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The FCC granted the construction permit for channel 6 to the George E. Cameron Jr.-Maria Helen Alvarez-John B. Hill group on June 2, 1948. KOTV first began test transmissions on October 15, 1949; the station started regular broadcasts on October 22. It was the first television station to sign on in the Tulsa market. The station has been a primary CBS television affiliate since it signed on. It was also the only station in the market until March 1954 when KCEB (channel 23, frequency now occupied by KOKI-TV signed on.

KOTV was sold to Indianapolis-based Whitney Corporation (later Corinthian Broadcasting) in 1954, which became a subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet in 1971.


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The Corinthian stations were sold to Dallas-based Belo in 1983, except for WISH-TV and WANE-TV.


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Oklahoma City-based Griffin Communications purchased KOTV in 2000, making it sister to company flagship KWTV (a fellow CBS affiliate) and KPOM-TV/KFAA in the adjacent Fort Smith–Fayetteville, Arkansas market (the latter were sold to Nexstar Media Group in 2004).

KOTV would later gain another sister station, as Griffin purchased The WB affiliate KWBT (channel 19, now CW affiliate KQCW-DT) in 2005.


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On October 24, 2010, KOTV began broadcasting local newscasts in widescreen standard definition, and syndicated programming and some local commercial advertisements in high definition; along with this upgrade, KOTV (and its sister station KWTV in Oklahoma City, which began carrying its newscasts in high definition on that date), overhauled their logos and began using a uniform graphics package. KOTV began broadcasting newscasts in high definition on January 19, 2013.

The current logo is a flipped variant of sister KWTV-DT in nearby Oklahoma City.

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