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1948–1952 1952–1954 1954–1956 1956–1963 1963–1996
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1996–2001 2001–2007 2007–2013 2013–2018 2018–present



KPIX signed on the air on December 22, 1948, the first television station in Northern California as well as the 49th in the United States. It has been a CBS affiliate from the start, due to a deal KSFO's owners had worked out with the television network one year earlier. KSFO was CBS radio's Bay Area affiliate from 1937 to 1941, when Associated Broadcasters backed out of a deal for CBS to buy the station. When KSFO was still affiliated with CBS, it was originally slated to move to 740 AM, the frequency of San Jose's KQW (now KCBS). It also carried programming from DuMont until that network folded in 1956. It even carried a few NBC programs until KRON-TV (channel 4) signed on in November 1949, and programs from the short-lived Paramount Television Network.



Westinghouse Electric Corporation bought KPIX in 1954 and ran it as part of the company's Group W broadcasting unit. During Westinghouse's ownership, KPIX was the company's only television station on the West Coast.




KPIX-TV5 (1956).svg


The logo design, especially the font (called "Westinghouse" or "Anklepants" (due to a similar typeface) by some people), was originally introduced when then-owner Group W introduced its design language in 1963. As of 2022, KPIX and WJZ-TV are the only two stations still using some form of the Group W typeface in their station logo.






KPIX (1983).svg

The "5" became italicized in 1985, which then-sister stations WBZ-TV and KDKA-TV (except KYW-TV and WJZ-TV) would later follow suit in 1987 and 1991 respectively. In 1995, Westinghouse merged with CBS, making KPIX (and sister stations WBZ-TV, WJZ-TV, KYW-TV, and KDKA-TV, all switched to the network) an owned-and-operated station.


KPIX (1992).svg

In late 1995, Westinghouse merged with CBS, making KPIX a CBS-owned station and bringing it into common ownership with KCBS radio. Prior to this, KPIX had been CBS' longest-tenured affiliate (a distinction that now belongs to Washington, D.C.'s WUSA, which signed on and affiliated with CBS approximately 4 weeks after KPIX's launch). KPIX was also one of two longtime CBS affiliates owned by Group W that became a CBS O&O, the other being KDKA-TV.



KPIX 1997.svg

This logo was introduced on November 8, 1996, as a modified, more compact "5" used to replace the one previously used during the Westinghouse era; it has been used by the station since.


KPIX 5 2001.svg

Around 2003, Channel 5 was rebranded as CBS 5 (which would later add "Bay Area" around the late 2000s), in line with other CBS owned-and-operated stations.


KPIX (2007).svg

The 2001 logo was boxed in.



KPIX 5 2013.svg

This logo was slightly softened and modified, making it similar to the Westinghouse-era logo, albeit in a slightly dense stroke. It is also full by shade of blue. It was introduced when CBS 5 was rebranded into KPIX 5.


KPIX 5 2018.svg

The logo's color scheme was changed from a single color (i.e. blue) to silver with the "5" being in gold. However, the blue version with the gold "5" is used secondarily.

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