KQED Life 2

KQED Life is the Lifestyle subchannel that carried on KQEH (KQED Plus; Formerly KTEH). It talks about Arts, Food, How-To, Gardening, and Travel. Watch KQED Life on 54.3 or Comcast 189 (Monterey/Salinas 373 and Sacramento/Fairfield 392). NOTE: KQED Life mirrors KQED 9 for fundraising programs on some weekends.

KQED Life (first era) (2003–2007)

Kqed life 2003

Life (2007–2011)


KQED and KTEH are merged into Northern California Public Broadcasting and renamed to KTEH Life and the "KQED" word was dropped. Also, its brands as Life.

KQED Life (second era) (2011–2017)


KQED Life 1

KTEH was renamed to KQED Plus in 2011 - subsequently, the "KQED" part was brought back to the KQED Life channel.


KQED Life 2

On November 14, 2017, KQED announced that KQED will no longer offer KQED Life on December 15, 2017, with its programming moving to the main channels of KQED Plus and KQED 9.

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