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Originally signed on the air on July 31, 1984 as KRLR, an independent television station on UHF channel 21 and was first owned by Frank Scott, an early independent casino pioneer in Las Vegas who runs Dres Media, Inc., the callsign contained the first letter of each of his three children's names.


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In May 1994, Dres Media sold the station to Channel 21, LP, a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Lambert Broadcasting for $2.85 million.



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On January 16, 1995, the station became an affiliate of the new United Paramount Network (UPN), and changed its call letters to KUPN to reflect the new affiliation. Lambert sold channel 21 to the Hunt Valley, Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcast Group in April 1997 for $87 million.




On March 1, 1998, Sinclair signed an affiliation agreement with The WB and on May 27, 1998, changed the station's call letters to KVWB, again in honor of its new affiliation.


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Sinclair chose to put The CW on the company's other Las Vegas area station, the then-independent KFBT, and chose to acquire the MyNetworkTV affiliation for KVWB. In June 2006, anticipating the start of MyNetworkTV, Sinclair changed the station's call letters yet again to KVMY.



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After Sinclair acquired the original KSNV from Intermountain West Communications on September 3, 2014, the company planned to sell the license assets (though not the programming) of one of the three stations to comply with FCC ownership restrictions, with the divested station's programming being moved to the other stations, which began on November 1; KSNV began the process of swapping signals with KVMY; KVMY moved its MyNetworkTV programming to a subchannel of KVCW, which was replaced by a simulcast of KSNV-DT's programming. Additionally, the two stations swapped virtual channel numbers, which moved KVMY to channel 3, and KSNV to channel 21. On November 4, the call letters on KVMY's license were changed to KSNV, and the existing KSNV license changed its call letters to KVMY. These moves effectively put KSNV under Sinclair ownership, operating under the license for the former KVMY. Indeed, the licensee for KSNV still reads "KUPN Licensee, LLC"—reflecting KVMY's former call letters. A similar swap occurred during Sinclair's acquisition of WCIV in Charleston, South Carolina, in which its ABC programming and call sign were moved to another Sinclair-owned signal, and the previous WCIV channel 4 license (renamed WMMP, now WGWG) was sold to Howard Stirk Holdings, though the PSIP channel number was not swapped. Sinclair could not buy KSNV-DT outright because Las Vegas has only seven full-power stations—one too few to legally permit a duopoly. The FCC requires a market to have eight unique station owners after a duopoly is formed.


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This logo replaces the signature logo that was used starting in 1986; the typeface was changed to ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Although this logo reads as NBC 3 News, its on-air branding is still Channel 3 for entertainment programming and News 3 for newscasts.

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