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Channel 11, as KFJZ-TV, first signed on the air at 2:30 p.m. on September 11, 1955, after a launch ceremony culminating in Fort Worth oilman Sid Richardson flipping the ceremonial switch to activate the transmitter. It was the first independent station to sign on in Texas, the fourth television station to sign on in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex (after NBC affiliate WBAP-TV (channel 5, now KXAS-TV), which signed on the air on September 29, 1948; ABC affiliate KBTV (channel 8, now WFAA), which debuted on September 17, 1949; and CBS affiliate KRLD-TV (channel 4, now Fox owned-and-operated station KDFW), which debuted on December 3, 1949), and the first to debut in the market since the FCC's 1952 lifting of a four-year freeze on new applications for television station licenses.




In May 1960, the Texas State Network sold Channel 11 to the NAFI Telecasting Corporation (which was also the parent company of Chris-Craft Industries at the time) for $4 million; the two radio stations were not included in the transaction, which was completed on August 1 of that year. Subsequently, the station's call letters were changed to KTVT (the last three letters meaning "Television for Texans") on September 1; the change was made due to an FCC rule in effect at the time that prohibited separately owned broadcast stations in the same market from sharing the same base call letters.



Ktvt 11


KSTW 1974-KTVT 1980 logo

This logo was also used by then-sister station KSTW in Tacoma-Seattle, and Teleonce in Costa Rica.





KTVT 1992

The circle became red with a yellow outline.


KTVT-KSTW 11 1995


KTVT CBS 11 1995

On July 2, 1995, KTVT took the CBS affiliation from longtime CBS affiliate KDFW (channel 4), which became a Fox affiliate as part of a larger affiliation deal with New World Communications. With the switch, it adopted a logo identical to that used by then-sister station KSTW in Tacoma-Seattle—and based on the logo of KCBS-TV in Los Angeles introduced the previous year−from the time that station (now an independent station) affiliated with CBS that same year. The move consequently resulted in KTVT terminating its status as a regional superstation (it had been available on cable systems throughout the South Central United States via satellite since 1984), as most of the markets in its cable coverage area already had access to local or out-of-market CBS affiliates.



In 1999, KTVT was sold by Gaylord Entertainment to CBS Corporation (which was in the process of being acquired by former subsidiary Viacom), thus KTVT became a CBS owned-and-operated station; the boxed "11" used beginning in 1995 was retained though, although the station's identification was changed from "Channel 11" to "CBS 11", using the CBS corporate font despite the use of the CBS Eyemark in the boxed "11".


KTVT Star 11 2004



In 2004, the boxed 11 logo was retired and replaced with the number "11" having a blue star in-between. Also, the CBS corporate font from the previous logo was dropped, and the CBS Eyemark was used to denote the station ID.


KTVT 2013 print
Ktvt 2009

The above logo was simplified in 2007, albeit the color was inverted.


The same logo was recolored with the CBS eyemark larger and colored in silver, the "11" colored in gold, and the star colored in white.

KTVT CBS Texas (2023)

In late February 2023, KTVT changed its main on-air brand to "CBS Texas", and its newscast titles to CBS News Texas, while retaining the pre-existing "11" logo as a secondary icon.

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