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KTVU 1967

This logo looks similar to the BBC2 logo from 1967, minus the dot.



Since its first use in 1975, this logo has been affectionately known as "Circle Laser 2"; the nickname is derived from the "Laser II" spaceship featured on Captain Satellite, KTVU's afternoon children's program that ran in the 1960s.


KTVU FOX2 1995

On October 6, 1986, KTVU officially joined FOX although the "Circle Laser 2" logo is still using. In September 1992 KTVU began incorporating the Fox logo, placed next to the "Circle Laser 2" logo. This version and the one that followed were only used during Fox network promotions, mainly those airing during local commercial breaks on the station.


KTVU Fox 2 1996

After Fox tightened branding standardization for its affiliates, KTVU obliged by amending its on-air branding to "Fox Channel 2" in September 1996. The alternate logo used in station-amended promotions for Fox network programs and promos for other entertainment programming seen on KTVU was consequently updated to incorporate the 1996 searchlight-and-wordmark-only version of the Fox logo.


KTVU Fox 2

In September 1997, KTVU modified its branding by inserting the Fox moniker to the "Circle Laser 2" logo. The abbreviated "Fox 2" brand was used obliquely in promotions for KTVU's news programming, with the station employing KTVU Channel 2 News or similar variations on a formal basis.



After its 2014 acquisition by Fox Television Stations, the Fox portion of KTVU's branding gained more prominence by the start of 2015, with the network logo appearing side-by-side with KTVU's longtime "Circle Laser 2."

KTVU Fox 2 2015

In January 2015, KTVU also integrated the "Circle Laser 2" logo into the Fox News Channel-inspired Fox O&O logo as part of its adoption of the branding standardization of new owner Fox Television Stations, which acquired KTVU and KICU the previous year, through a trade deal with WHBQ-TV in Memphis and WFXT in Boston with former longtime owner Cox Media Group. This logo branding, currently in use by most of the Fox O&Os, is based on the Fox News logo; with their website names ("myfox(city name).com") based on the domain for the social network Myspace, which former Fox parent News Corporation briefly owned.


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