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KTVU 2 Action News 1975
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KTVU Channel 2 News (first era)/The 10 o’clock News


Initially, the only newscast KTVU offered was The 10 o’clock News, until 1986 when they began to produce 2 at Noon.





KTVU Fox 2
By that time, the 1993 Fox wordmark began to appear, though its newscasts did not adopt it until April of that year. Although the logo visually reads as Fox 2, on-air newscasts are still verbally read as KTVU Channel 2 News until March 2001.

KTVU Fox 2 News (first era)

March–October 2001

KTVU News 2001
  • It is still referred to as KTVU Channel 2 News before the slogan "Complete Bay Area News Coverage" was adopted in October 2001.

KTVU Channel 2 News (second era)

October 2001–February 2, 2015

KTVU Channel 2 News
In the aftermath of 9/11, KTVU's newscast was reverted back to the previous title, this time with the slogan "Complete Bay Area News Coverage". This logo continued to be in use after Fox Television Stations traded WFXT and WHBQ-TV to Cox Media Group for KTVU and KICU in 2014.

October 2001–September 2006

KTVU Channel 2 News October 2001 Slogan

September 2006–February 1, 2015

KTVU Channel 2 News 2006 Slogan

KTVU Fox 2 News (second era)

February 2–August 2015

KTVU Fox 2 News February 2015

August 2015–May 2017 (main), May 2017–January 22, 2020 (alternate)

KTVU Fox 2 News 2015
Even after KTVU updated its opening sequences in May 2017, sister station KICU continued to use this for its KTVU-produced 7pm newscast until October 30, 2018, when it adopted the current opening sequences since then.

May 2017–October 29, 2018

KTVU Fox 2 News 2017

October 30, 2018–present

October 30, 2018–January 22, 2020

KTVU Fox 2 News 2018
While the Fox network received its update to the 1993 wordmark in September 2019, its affiliates and O&O stations (including KTVU) continued to use the 1999 wordmark to the present. However, it is not until KTVU officially adopted the new graphics that it also included the updated Fox wordmark on both their on-screen bug and their opening sequences on January 22, 2020.

January 22, 2020–present

KTVU Fox 2 News 2020
The opening sequences were enhanced to have a semi-3D appearance, coinciding with the introduction of its new graphics, which were first seen on sister stations KSAZ-TV in Phoenix and WTVT in Tampa–St. Petersburg in 2019. The update also took effect on KICU for its 7pm newscast. However, it continues to use the "Fox Circle Laser 2" logo instead of "KTVU Plus" on its on-screen bug.


KTVU news opens

KTVU news opens

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