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This article is about the Tamil movie channel in India, owned by the Sun TV Network. For the Indonesian channel, owned by Kompas Gramedia, see KTV.

K TV (Kondattam TV, meaning Celebration) is the Sun network’s Tamil movie channel. It was launched on 22 October 2001. Other movie channels of the Sun network contain the word Movies in their name, namely Gemini Movies (Telugu), Udaya Movies (Kannada) and Surya Movies (Malayalam). Its competitors include Vijay Super and Zee Thirai, as well as Raj Digital Plus, Mega 24 and J Movie.


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HD: 2011–present

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An HD feed was launched on 11 December 2011; Tamil sister channels Sun TV and Sun Music and Telugu sister channel Gemini TV also launched HD feeds on that day, making them the first regional-language (i.e., non-Hindi and non-English) HD channels in India.

The next regional-language HD movie channels were launched only in 2016: Jalsha Movies HD in Bengali by Star, and Zee Talkies HD in Marathi by Zee.

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