Kan Hadashot (Hebrew for Kan News) is the news division of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (branded as Kan). It broadcasts in Hebrew on the Kan 11 channel, and in Arabic on the Makan 33 channel.

Its flagship Hebrew newscast is Kan Hadashot HaErev (Kan Evening News), which replaced the erstwhile IBA’s Mabat LaHadashot in May 2017.


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Hadashot HaErev (Evening News)


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The original graphics were used from Kan’s launch on 15 May 2017. Created by the Tel Aviv–based motion design agency ST/AF, they featured a vertical line (shaped like |) and a left-facing arrow (<) as the main graphical elements. These also appear in the Kan logo. A similar concept had been implemented by franceinfo: when it launched in 2016.


Kan Hadashot HaErev 2020.jpg

A new look for Hadashot HaErev debuted on 23 February 2020 as Kan moved its headquarters from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The line and arrow were replaced by long glass boxes in the on-air graphics. These graphics were also designed by ST/AF. However, the Arabic Makan 33 continued to use the previous graphics until December 5, 2020.

Mabat LaHadashot (Channel 1, 1968–2017)
Kan Hadashot