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TV Danmark (first era)


TvDanmark logo

Kanal 4 Denmark were originally launched on 7 April 1997 as TvDanmark. Its first logo and launch identity was created by Novocom in Los Angeles.

TV Danmark 2


TvDanmark 2

On 1 January 2000, to coincide with the launch of its sister channel TvDanmark 1, TvDanmark changed its name to TvDanmark 2 and were giving a small minor update to its logo that replaces the letter "d" with a "2" numeral instead. At the same time, the channel started to borrow the idents from Kanal 5 Sweden and these idents were used at the time, but they were remarkably similar to the ones that were used by Kanal 5 Sweden for the time.

TV Danmark (second era)


TV Danmark

On 4 April 2004, when TvDanmark 1 was renamedKanal 5 Denmark, TvDanmark 2 reverted back to its old name of TvDanmark, and by that, it adopted its final logo which is based on a blue crystal. However, it was the last logo to mark the TvDanmark franchise.

Kanal 4 Denmark


Kanal 4

On 1 May 2006, TvDanmark was closed down and were replaced by a new channel that aimed for women. The new channel became Kanal 4 Denmark, and its relaunch logo consisted of a "4" numeral which is in the center of a purple bubble.


Kanal 4 (2012)

On 23 January 2012, Kanal 4 Denmark introduced a new logo which was slightly modified and that it became gradient by tuning up its purple colour, so that it could be much more different. At the same time, this logo comes up with a new on-screen look that gets implented on-air, and they contain a new set of idents and on-air promos which is based on female-oriented stuff. This new look is created by the Danish design bureau Marengdeluxe.


Kanal 4 (2015)

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