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1989–1991 1991–1994 1994–1996 1996–2000 2000–2024 2024–present
1989–1991 1991–1994 1994–1996 1996–2000 2000–2024 2024–present

Kanal 5 (Swedish: Kanal Fem) is the flagship TV channel of Warner Bros. Discovery Sweden and one of the most popular commercial TV stations in the country, along with competitors TV3 and TV4. Since 2000, Kanal 5’s logo has consisted of the number 5 in a circle, as is the case with many Swedish TV channels.

Kanal 5 and its sister channels were acquired by SBS Discovery Media from ProSiebenSat.1 Media in April 2013.[1]

Nordic Channel[]



Kanal 5 was launched as Nordic Channel in 1989.

TV5 Nordic[]


TV5 Nordic 1991

In 1991, Nordic Channel was renamed to TV5 Nordic.


1994–1996, 1994–2024 (alternative)[]


TV5 Nordic was forced to replace their name following pressure from the French TV5. Instead it took the name Femman, which means "The Five" in Swedish.

Kanal 5[]

1996–2000, 1996–2024 (alternative)[]

NOTE: The image below is an approximate and partially inaccurate version of the logo used during this period.

In February 1996, Femman was renamed to Kanal 5 (meaning Channel 5). A new graphics package was created by Novocom.


Kanal 5

In 2000, Kanal 5 introduced a simplified version of its 1996 logo, removing the text Kanal Fem beneath. The logo has remained unchanged ever since. Several other channels have adopted this or a similar logo, such as sister channel TV5 in Finland in 2010 (used until 2019), as well as the unrelated Kanal 5 in North Macedonia, Channel 5 in Ukraine and TV5 Network in the Philippines.

Kanal 5’s biggest rival, TV4, has a similar logo, and it has not changed its logo since 1996, though with some tweaking.

Since 2000, Kanal 5 lets its logo appear in live action and CGI idents. They have been produced by several different companies. The current set of idents were introduced in 2006, then updated for widescreen in early 2009. Dallas Sthlm produced the original batch of new idents; additional idents were later created by View, Proud Creative, and ManvsMachine.


Kanal 5 TV5 2024
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  January 15, 2024

After 24 years, on 15 January 2024, channel logo was changed.