Nordic Channel



In 1989, Kanal 5 was first called Nordic Channel.

TV5 Nordic


TV5 Nordic 1991

In 1991, Nordic Channel was renamed TV5 Nordic.


1994-1996, 1994–present (alternative)


TV5 Nordic were forced to replace their name following pressure from French TV5. Instead they took the name Femman, which means "The Five" in Swedish.

Kanal 5

1996–2000, 1996-2000 (alternative)

NOTE: The image below is an approximate and partially inaccurate version of the logo used during this period.

In February 1996, Femman is renamed Kanal 5, which means "Channel 5".

A new graphics package was created by Novocom.


Kanal 5

Since 2000, Kanal 5 lets its logo appear in live action and CGI idents. They were produced by several different companies.

New idents appear in 2006. The new idents were produced by Dallas Sthlm.

All idents were updated once again in early 2009. The old idents were modified to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio area and the "Kanal5" wordmark in the bottom was removed. In addition, some new idents were added so that they could be easily be adapted to include various promotions and sponsors in the channel graphics. The 2009 identity reflected the channel's current slogan Roligare TV, as Kanal 5 remains the most popular general entertainment channel in Sweden. Dallas Sthlm produced the original batch of new idents. Additional idents were later created by View and Proud Creative/ManvsMachine.

TV5 Finland also uses the same logo and idents in 2010.