1968–1985, 2014


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1968–1975, 2014

The Stations are WKLE-TV 46 Richmond-Lexington-Frankfort, WKZT-TV 23 Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, WKGB-TV 53 Bowling Green-Glasgow-Nashville, TN, WKSO-TV 29 Somerset-Knoxville, TN, WKMA-TV 35 Madisonville-Clarksville, TN, WKMU-TV 21 Murray-Mayfield-Union City-Memphis, TN, WKAS-TV 25 Ashland-Ironton, OH-Huntington-Charleston, WV, WKMR-TV 38 Morehead, WKON-TV 52 Owenton, WKPI-TV 22 Pikeville-Tri-Cities, TN-VA, WKHA-TV 35 Hazard, WCVN-TV 54 Covington-Newport-Cincinnati, OH-IN & WKMJ-TV 68 Louisville-New Albany-Jeffersonville, IN.



In 1975, the letters was rounded and outlined purple. Also an marquee was added.



In 1977, the 1968 logo returned, but showing Kentucky Educational TV in the bottom in blue'ly black. The KET text was blue on a yellow background. It was only used on its GED-based programs.

The 2 Additional Stations are WKPD-TV 29 Paducah-Harrisburg, IL-Cape Girardeau, MO from WDXR-TV from 1971 to 1979 & WKOH-TV 31 Owensboro-Henderson-Evansville, IN-IL.


KET Maybe 1970's or 1980's??


KET 1978



KET logo

In 1978, a new refreshing logo was introduced, now with the KET text updated, although the 1968 KET text was still used on GED-based programs until 1985. In the 1987-1994 KET theme, the Roland D-50 PN-D50-00 patch "Horn Section" was heard.

Lone Rival Station WKPC-TV 15 join KET and traded away from WKMJ-TV 68 to another channel service and it's known as WFPK-TV from 1958 to 1969.

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