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Keshet 12 is the most popular commercial TV channel in Israel, owned by Keshet Media Group. Keshet is the Hebrew word for rainbow.

The channel was launched on 1 November 2017 along with competitor Reshet 13, which both replaced Channel 2 (Arutz Shtaim), which was run jointly by Keshet and Reshet.

September–November 2017 (prelaunch)

Keshet 12 prelaunch.svg

November 2017–present

November 2017-February 2018


Keshet Media Group (a concessionaire for Channel 2 since its foundation in 1993) got its own TV frequency after Channel 2 closed its operations on 1 November 2017. Reshet also got its own frequency on Channel 13 and Channel 10 moved to Channel 14, rebranding as Eser. (It shut down on 15 January 2019, merging with Reshet 13.)

All three channels launched their HD feeds on the same day. [1]

February 2018-present

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Channel 2 (1993–2017)
Keshet 12
Reshet 13