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Kids Like Us Productions was an Australian children's independent television production company founded by Helena Harris and Posie-Graeme Evans, who are best known for producing Hi-5.



Kids Like Us 2001 Logo

The first logo consists of the two objects (one orange with purple eyes and a mouth while the other vice versa) leap into each other and eventually resulting in two teardrop shaped faces with "Kids Like Us" shown below in a black Hobo font. The music and sounds are a rising synthesized chord with laughing sounds as recorded by the Australian people. The first Hi-5 episode to use this logo was "Physical" on April 12, 1999. This logo was designed and animated by Fudge Puppy Productions.


Kids Like Us Logo (2)

In 2006 to coincide with Hi-5's eighth series premiere, the logo became 3D and a little bit glossier. This logo looks like this, we see the brighter and glossier teardrop faces jump on a trampoline like object and form the logo and the final logo consists the company name and the URL below. The music and sounds are laughing (as re-recorded by the Australian children) and bouncing sounds followed by a re-arranged version of the chord from the previous logo as laughing sounds played twice. This logo was designed and animated by ZSpace. Following the departure of Tim Harding due to a motorcycle accident, Kids Like Us was absorbed into the Southern Star Group in 2008.

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