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1989–1999, 2001-2002 1991–2008, 2012, 2021–present 2003, 2008, 2016
1989–1999, 2001-2002 1991–2008, 2012, 2021–present 2003, 2008, 2016

Klasky-Csupo, Inc. is an animation studio in Hollywood, California, founded in May 1981. It is popularly known for being the studio behind Nickelodeon's Rugrats (1991-2004, 2021-present).

1989–1999, 2001-2002

Klasky Csupo Inc. 1989 Print Logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica Bold ("K")
Melior ("L")
Shatter ("a")
Futura Light ("Y", "INC.")
Letraset Process
Launched:  October 30, 1989

1991–2008, 2012, 2021–present

Klasky Csupo 1991-2003 Official Print logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura ("Y", "CSUPO", "INC.")
Permian Serif ("L")
Times New Roman ("a")
Klasky Zigzag
Launched:  August 11, 1991 (print)
October 9, 1998 (on-screen)

First introduced with Rugrats on August 11, 1991. This logo is well-known for being used in the "Robot Face" on-screen logo (minus the "INC."). The "Robot Face" would later become it's own character, with the name Splaat (voiced by Greg Cipes) in RoboSplaat! (2016). A "glitchy" version of the logo appears in the 2021 Rugrats reboot.

2003, 2008, 2016

Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Garish Monde ("KLaSKY")
Keedy Sans Bold ("CSUPO")
Launched:  June 13, 2003

First introduced with Rugrats Go Wild (2003), it would later be used on Immigrants (2008; the previous logo appears at the end) and RoboSplaat! (2016).