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1962 (prototype) 1962–1964 1964-1966 1965–1969 1969–1990
1962 (prototype) 1962–1964 1964-1966 1965–1969 1969–1990
1969–1977 1990–2004 2002–2016 2004–present
1969–1977 1990–2004 2002–2016 2004–present

1962 (prototype)

Kmart - 1962 (Prototype).svg


Kmart - 1962.svg

In 1962, the first Kmart stores were opened.


Kmart Logo (1962) (Color).svg

This logo was more commonly used in Canada or found on price stickers, and was rarely used in newspapers.


Kmart - 1964.svg


Kmart - 1968.svg

This logo and the ones preceding were all occasionally used after their listed dates of use on miscellaneous pricing and advertising materials.


Kmart - 1969 (Full Colour).svg

This logo debuted on February 1, 1969, but was not fully used in all advertisements for the store until July of that year.


Kmart - 1969 (Full Colour, with SSK).svg

This secondary logo was used intermittently with the primary one, to help group together the Kresge's and Jupiter Discount Stores brands by including the symbol of the parent company, then named the S. S. Kresge Co. This was used until 1977, when the parent company's name was officially changed to the Kmart Corporation.


Kmart logo 1990s.svg

This logo was unveiled on September 12, 1990, but did not make its first print appearance until December 16, 1990. This logo can still seen at many older Kmart stores and on Kmart Express until 2017. On January 22, 2002, Kmart filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed around 500 stores.


Kmart Prototype Logo.svg

This logo was only used at five prototype locations; four in the Peoria, Illinois area (Peoria, Pekin, Morton and Washington) and one in White Lake, Michigan. The name of the city would be displayed alongside or under this logo, with the colors being changed as well using grey and lime colors. Since this was a test logo, this didn't spread beyond those stores.

This logo was officially discontinued with the closure of the Morton Kmart in 2016.


Kmart logo 2004.svg

In 2004, Kmart's parent company, Kmart Corporation, acquired Sears to become Sears Holdings and created a new logo, and most of the Big and Super Kmart stores were rebranded as simply 'Kmart' whilst keeping their features. This logo is not used on any new stores, as the last new-built Kmart opened in 2002, before its bankruptcy (although it was used when Kmart reverted some of their stores from Sears Essentials and Sears Grand).

On October 15, 2018, the parent company of Kmart, Sears Holdings, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, making it Kmart's second bankruptcy filing. All of Sears Holdings' assets, including Kmart and it's subsidiaries, were transferred over to Transformco.

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