Knorr is an international food brand known for its soups, noodles and bouillon/stock cubes, among others. The logo features the signature of Carl Heinrich Knorr, who founded the company.

It has been owned by Unilever since 2000 when it acquired the American company Bestfoods, which included several other brands. In Japan, Knorr is owned by Ajinomoto (under license from Unilever).



Knorr logo old.svg


Knorr old.svg

2004–2019, 2019-present (secondary)

Knorr logo.svg

This logo features a modified version of the Knorr signature. It usually appears across a shining green band.


Knorr (2019).svg

In early 2019, a new logo was introduced in Germany, and later the UK, dropping the green band and instead places the Knorr text in a green leaf-like holding shape, along with the year of establishment (1838). While this logo started to roll out worldwide, the 2004 logo continues to be used in some countries.