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Ekc Kodak 1935 Kodak 1960 Kodak 1971
1907–1935 1935–1960 1960–1971 1971–1987
Kodak 1984 Wordmark Kodak 1987 Kodak 2006 Kodak 2016
1984–2006 1987–2006 2006–present 2016–present

Eastman Kodak Company



The Kodak logo was first introduced in 1907, featuring a circular design that contained the brand name.



Kodak 1935

The logo underwent a major overhaul in 1935, as the company’s name was inscribed in red and yellow “trade dress” colours, kept inside a rectangular structure. The font used here would be retained for the next two logos.


Kodak 1960

The Kodak logo was modified once again in 1960 when a corner curl design was introduced that remained in use for almost a decade.


Kodak 1971

In 1971, the company unveiled a redesign that contained a box and a graphic element “K”.


Kodak 1984 Wordmark

In 1984, the typeface was significantly simplified.


Kodak 1987

The “box logo” was given a more contemporary and modernistic feel.


Kodak 2006

Kodak unveiled a new logo in 2006, retaining some aspects of its previous 1984 logo. This was created by Allen Hori of Identity Design, who also supervised the entire rebranding process. The Kodak wordmark is sometimes positioned inside the yellow bars. It is still used on some products.


Kodak 2016

Kodak reverted its logo to its 1971 design with new lettering in 2016.

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