"Kraft" redirects here. This is the article of a brand of The Kraft Heinz Company (and Mondelēz International on some countries), for the predecessor company which became Mondelēz, see Kraft Foods, Inc.
Not to be confused with The Kraft Group.


1926–1960 1960–1988 1988–2012 2012–present
1926–1960 1960–1988 1988–2012 2012–present


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This logo is still seen on Kraft cheese products in Indonesia and in the Philippine packaging for Cheddar Cheese Boxes.


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Kraft Foods Group, formerly the U.S. grocery division, was officially spun off from Kraft Foods, Inc. on October 1, 2012, creating a slight variant of the classic "racetrack" logo used since the 1960s.logo gets back in the race.php Now the text was changed to all lowercase (except for the 'K') and in a different font. The parent company, which currently holds the snack and confectionery business worldwide, renamed itself as Mondelēz International.

In 2015, Kraft merged with The H. J. Heinz Company to form The Kraft Heinz Company. However, both names continue to exist separately on their respective products.

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