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For the brand, see Kraft Foods.

National Dairy Products Corporation


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Kraftco Corporation



Kraft, Inc.

1976–1980, 1986–1989

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Dart & Kraft


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Kraft General Foods


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Kraft Foods, Inc.


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Kraft unveiled a new logo, changing from the racetrack logo to a new "smile-and-splash" logo. The updated logo was used for only 5 months. Brand New ranked this the sixth-worst logo of 2009 because it looked like a pig lip and a carnival.


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Kraft modified its "smile-and-splash" logo in June 2009. This was ranked the 5th worst logo of 2009 because it had a carnival look, similar to the previous logo.

On 2012, Kraft Foods Inc. split into two companies: the North American grocery division carried the Kraft Foods Group name and modified the racetrack logo (later itself merged with Heinz in 2015 to form Kraft Heinz), while the original company, which bring Nabisco and Cadbury among other global snack brands, renamed to Mondelēz International.

General Foods
Kraft Foods, Inc.
Kraft Foods
Mondelēz International
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