Kwality Wall’s is the Indian version of Wall’s, the name used by Unilever’s Heartbrand ice-cream brands in several South and Southeast Asian countries, as well as the UK. Hindustan Lever (now Hindustan Unilever) acquired the Kwality brand in 1995. Kwality Wall’s is also present in Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, though it is called simply Wall’s in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Its logo is different from that used by the other Heartbrand brands, in that there are two distinct hearts in the Kwality Wall’s logo (with the inner heart being closed but the outer heart having a gap), rather than a single stroke forming both hearts.



Heartbrand introduced a common logo in 1998 that replaced the different logos used by its various global brands. Kwality Wall’s introduced a slightly modified version of the Heartbrand logo.


Kwality Wall's logo.svg

Heartbrand introduced its current logo scheme in 2003. Kwality Wall’s updated its logo accordingly.