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1995 1995–2007 2007–2011 2011–present
1995 1995–2007 2007–2011 2011–present

Ekono Líder


Ekono Líder.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura Black Condensed
Helvetica Black

Líder was originally launched as Ekono's hypermarket branch in September 1995. Two locations were opened with this brand.

Líder (first era)


Líder 1995.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica Black
Myriad Pro

On 2000 D&S created the Líder Vecino format (small-size stores) and the following year created Líder Mercado (focused on upper-class neighborhoods). On 2003 Líder Mercado became simply Líder, and all of Líder Vecino stores were reconverted into Líder hypermarkets in 2007.

Hiper Lider


Hiper Lider.svg
Designer:  Procorp
Typography:  Helvetica Black
Myriad Pro

Hiper Líder was launched in 2007, merge the Líder and Líder Vecino brands.

Líder (second era)


Lider 2011.svg
Designer:  Lippincott (Walmart star)
Typography:  Custom wordmark

In November 2011, Lider hypermarkets adapted the style of the Walmart logo.

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