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1995 1995–2007 2007–2011 2011–present
1995 1995–2007 2007–2011 2011–present

Ekono Líder


Ekono Líder.svg

Líder was originally launched as Ekono's hypermarket branch in September 1995. Two locations were opened with this brand.

Líder (first era)


Líder 1995.svg

On 2000 D&S created the Líder Vecino format (small-size stores) and the following year created Líder Mercado (focused on upper-class neighborhoods). On 2003 Líder Mercado became simply Líder, and all of Líder Vecino stores were reconverted into Líder hypermarkets in 2007.

Hiper Lider


Hiper Lider.svg

Hiper Líder was launched in 2007, merge the Líder and Líder Vecino brands.

Líder (second era)


Lider 2011.svg

In November 2011, Lider hypermarkets adapted the style of the Walmart logo.

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