This article is about the Italian channel originally launched as TMC. For the French channel, still known as TMC today, see Télé Monte Carlo. For the former sister channel of the Italian TMC, see TMC 2.
Not to be confused with Monte Carlo TV, an Uruguayan channel now known as Canal 4.


1974–1985 1981–1985 1985–1995 1993–1995 1995–2001
1974–1985 1981–1985 1985–1995 1993–1995 1995–2001
2000–2001 2001–2002 2002–2007, 2007–present (secondary) 2007–2011 2011–present
2000–2001 2001–2002 2002–2007, 2007–present (secondary) 2007–2011 2011–present

La7 (Italian: LaSette) is the biggest Italian TV channel by viewership not owned by the two dominant Italian television broadcasters, Rai and Mediaset. It is owned by Italian media group Cairo Communication.

Originally launched as Tele Monte Carlo by the French–Monégasque TV channel of the same name in 1974 to serve as its Italian-language version, the ownership was passed through its history to Rede Globo, Montedison, Cecchi Gori Group, and Telecom Italia Media where the channel got its current name. It has used largely the same logo since its renaming from TMC in 2001.

TMC/Tele Monte Carlo


Tele Monte-Carlo logo 1974.svg

Original logo inherited from the French Télé Monte-Carlo.


Tele Monte-Carlo logo 1983.svg

Alternative logo consisting of a rainbow lined "TMC", used on network idents from 1981 alongside the previous logo.



TMC Globo full.svg
Designer:  Hans Donner
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde
Launched:  Unknown

On 4 August 1985, TMC was acquired by Brazilian TV channel Rede Globo, which adapted most of its branding to suit the station's needs. Also, the name officially became one word ("Telemontecarlo"). For the first time, TMC had a definite identity.

For the first two years most graphics were just earlier Rete Globo assets edited to fit the need, but from 1987 onwards the graphical updates were parallel with Brazil. It is possible that the TMC idents were made at Globograph alongside Rede Globo ones.

The "Globo" logo was used everywhere except for the screen bug, which was now a white, outlined version of the TMC wordmark in the top-right corner of the image.


Globo logo 1981.png

Telemontecarlo symbol, inspired by the 1981 Rede Globo logo


Rede Globo logo 1986.svg
Rede Globo logo 1988.svg


Rede Globo 1991.png


Rede Globo 1992.png

In 1993, the ownership passed to Montedison.

The 1992 "Globo" left over from the previous owners was gradually being dropped in favour of new graphics built from the ground up. The screen bug was overall the same, albeit with slight alterations.



On 20 July 1995, Cecchi Gori Group bought TMC.

The full name of the station was dropped, to help identify the station as just "TMC". This was made and to differentiate the station from its French counterpart and to make it closer to its new sister channel TMC2 (which was never, at least officially, referred to as "Telemontecarlo 2"). The name "Telemontecarlo" was still used colloquially until the next major rebrand.

The wordmark was now exclusively filled in, and as a result the screen bug was changed as well, now being bigger, filled in white, and in the bottom-right corner.


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The ownership was passed once again to Seat Pagine Gialle (owned by Telecom Italia Media) on the network's last two years before rebranding.

There were no major graphical changes during transmission.


Telecom Italia Media acquired TMC in 2001, and it was officially rebranded as La7 on June 24th 2001.

The name choice comes from where people used to set the old TMC on their TVs: channel number 7, right after the three Rai channels (Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3, respectively on 1, 2 and 3) and the three Mediaset channels (Rete 4, Canale 5 and Italia 1, respectively 4, 5 and 6).
The same strategy was operated by Italia 7 in the late 80s for the same exact reason, but unlike Italia 7 (which will shortly become 7 Gold) this strategy was successful, as La7 is to this day no. 7 nationwide on Italian DVB-T.


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Designer:  Alberto Traverso
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

During its first year on the air, La7 featured minimalistic idents with videogame references, manily using the same colour palette as the logo.

2002–2007, 2007–present (secondary)

LA7 old logo grey.png
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La 7 logo.svg


In early 2013, the channel was sold to Cairo Communication, the current owner.

LA7 - Logo 2011.svg