2010 (pre-launch) 2010–4 July 2011 4 July 2011–23 July 2011
2010 (pre-launch) 2010–4 July 2011 4 July 2011–23 July 2011

Q Digital

2010 (pre-launch)

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The channel was originally going to have the name of Q Digital, but on September 27, 2010 it was announced that it would finally use the name LaSexta2.


2010-4 July 2011

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laSexta2 was replaced in 2012 by Xplora.

4–23 July 2011


On 4 July 2011, laSexta announced it would convert laSexta2 to a telenovela channel and it would change its name to LaSexta 2 Todo Novela. After less than 3 weeks, on 23 July, it was announced that LaSexta would drop the telenovelas programming and change to a more generalist programming due to low ratings.


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