La Chicharra is a 1979 Mexican TV series created by Roberto "Chespirito" Gómez Bolaños for Televisa, replacing the more known El Chapulín Colorado on the daily grid for Las Estrellas. It never had a huge success, but it ended up being a sketch on the program Chespirito until 1982. Alongside other series, La Chicharra's broadcasting was canceled in August 2020 after Televisa's funding problems with the series.

1979 (as an independent program)

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1980-1982 (as part of Chespirito)



1982 (final sketch)

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On October 25 1982, La Chicharra received a final sketch, titled Un día en el Teatro Imperial, which occupied the full program (40 minutes approximately). However, most TV stations broadcast this episode under Chespirito's 1984 season. This sketch did not present any logo or drawing corresponding to the section.

Buenas Noticias

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In 1995, a remake was made, titled Buenas Noticias, directed by Florinda Meza and starring Paulina Gómez, Chespirito's daughter. However, it still did not achieve the same fame as Chespirito's other series. It only had 5 episodes, which are all lost, as opposed to La Chicharra's 14 independent episodes and 17 sketches, out of which only one is lost.

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