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La Tele 2008 (prelanzamiento) La Tele 2009 La Tele 2015 La Tele 2018 1 La Tele 2018 2
2008-2009 (prelaunch) 2009-2015 2015-july 2018 April-july 2018 (used in print media) July 2018-present

La Tele is an entertainment themed television channel initially created as a channel for female audiences, novels and films on August 16, 2008 as a test signal after replacing the remembered music channel Uranio TV and officially launched on January 7, 2009, and is owned by the Grupo ATV.

2008-2009 (prelanch)

La Tele 2008 (prelanzamiento)
The first logo of the channel was the words "LaTele" in black and italics with three RGB lines below.

This is the logo that the Grupo ATV least likes, since it has nothing to do with the name of the channel.



La Tele 2009
With its official launch, a logo at the height of the name was created by official decision of ATV.

This logo was a purple-colored TV with round edges, with circular cuts on the edges with one of the edges tilted to the left and a pair of rabbit antennas formed by small circles and two lines, inside the television, the word "latele" in Bauhaus Thin typeface with the same color as the TV.

2015-july 2018

La Tele 2015
In November 2015, the logo is slightly modified, changing its color to yellow-orange.

April-july 2018 (used in printed media)

La Tele 2018 1
In April 2018, with the change of the Grupo ATV logo, a new version of the television was made, changing its color to a more opaque purple, the antennas are removed and it acquires an aspect of a current television with a power knob and text happens to have an Arista typeface.

This logo was only used in print advertising.

July 2018-present

La Tele 2018 2
Only in July of the same year, the final renovation of the logo was made, with a slight change in the shape of the TV, the screen takes the form of a square conversation balloon, the text is modified slightly and the color becomes a red slightly brighter.
Uranio TV
La Tele
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