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Las Estrellas (famously known as El Canal de las Estrellas) is a Mexican television network owned by Televisa. It was founded in October 1950 as the XEW-TV signal by Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta. On March 21, 1951, it commenced its official broadcast as the second TV channel in Mexico.

XEW-TV (Canal 2)


XEW TV Canal 2 1950 logo
Upon its launch, it adopted its first logo that consists of the "XEW TV" wordmark that are together with the italized "Canal" wordmark and a 2-numeral which is inside a circle.


XEW 1951
Prior to 1952, XEW-TV introduced a new logo that consists a testcard with two colorbars and a circle with three rings and various stars with some four stripers and also a fat ring with an image of the Planet Earth. The "XEW Television" wordmark appears on the top-left corner and the "Canal" wordmark with the 2 numeral that is inside a circle are placed in the bottom-right corner. With this first logo, the channel began its official broadcast by expanding later to all of Mexico.


Imagen11 2 3

Then the logo shows as the "W" station was named as the Cadena W as of the W Radio. Describing the rounded trapezoid shape with the network name as "CADENA W TV", the two W's have merged variants (outline-only and filled-black colors), and as it showed the wordmark outside of it as "CANAL 2".



The logo consists of the letter W and the number 2 that were formed by an intertwined band. Under it appeared the text Cadena WTV Proyección Nacional



Imagen060 02 1

The logo was simply the name "Canal" and the number "2" with the typography as the identification logo on Poster font by Extratype (with a Didot typeface).



When Televisa was founded on January 8, 1973, The number "2" moved inside the sun of the company's logo as its sister channels.


Imagen15 2 7

The 1968 logo brought back without the spanish word "CANAL", just it adopt with a number two.

El Canal de las Estrellas


XEWTV 1985

XEW-TV 2 adopted the name of El Canal de las Estrellas instead of the slogan, having as its first logo the name of the channel in Brush Script font. The number two moved to the black box with a white outline. This was the final logo with a number of the television channel.


XEWTV2 El Canal de las Estrellas 1988

The logo used a star for the first time, this is an Aztec design in gray, in front of it appears the name "El Canal de las Estrellas" in the Harlow Solid font by ITC in blue tones. The ID of the channel began to be carried out in 3D, being the actress and singer Lucía Méndez who appears playing the jingle of the channel, the actors, singers, journalists and Televisa drivers would also appear for the first time in the promotionals, being for many years the main seal of the channel.




On November 4, 1991, a star was released as a logo formed by five elongated rhombuses in golden tones, while the name of the channel appeared in italics. In the identification of the channel the acronym appeared above the name of the channel in typography Times New Roman. In the promotional ones the acronym XEW TV was also used in Typography Book Antiqua.


XEWTV 1993

On January 7, 1993, the tones of the 1991 star logo are changed. The figures appeared in shades of green, blue, violet, red and yellow while the name of the channel in white. The same star was also used as a logo but ahead of an incomplete circle, surrounded by a band and complemented by three triangles.


XEW Canal de las Estrellas 1994

On September 5, 1994, the logo was a star outlined in orange forward that rotated at the same time as the name text.



In June 1995 the big golden star was in a white circle with the Spanish words "El Canal de las Estrellas" in Times New Roman typography. Describing as a "Star Planet Logo" at the time, with a little red star orbiting as a satellite television network when the channel expanded further outside of Mexico, although it's still a national TV network. In Europe began broadcasting in 1984 based of the name of the American Spanish-language channel "Galavisión", and Latin America by 1992; both are the cable and satellite television channels.



In June of 1996, the logo was made up of golden letters with the Spanish words "El Canal de las Estrellas", but it had 2 variants: at the beginning of the year, in the first semester, a star with 5 yellow peaks was used along with the golden letters adorned with Pre-Hispanic motifs with which different promotional ones dedicated to Mexican culture were made. From July ownards, the star was simplified to a blue one, and with it the promotional ones were more dedicated to daily life in the city.


Imagen06 2 8 8

At the beginning of 1997, the logo was the star formed by five different figures, like the one from 1991, but the name of the channel with Democratica font by Miles Newlyn in lowercase white appears to those used previously.

Canal de las Estrellas


On September 15, 1997 adopts the logo that identified the channel for almost 20 years, designed by Pablo Rovalo, from which its subsequent variants are derived. The logo consists of a star with 6 peaks, surrounded by a circle, divided in half into two colors.


160px-Canal de las Estrellas logo.svg

This Logo is originally with the colors white and red, but at the beginning of 2000 it has begun to have other colors and shades, and the Fabulojos 3D capsule. Originally, it appeared next to the name "El Canal de Las Estrellas", which appeared in red letters with Aurora Bold Condensed BT typography. Later in 2004, the channel changed the name to "Canal de las Estrellas" to define better.



By 2007, the 1997 logo began to undergo transformations. As of this year the logo becomes metallic and has two variations: In the first variation the logo is white on the left side and red on the right side, and turning to the right as in 1997; This variant was used mostly in commercials and in ident TV until 2010.



By January 2010, The logo is exactly the same as in 1997, that is, placed in front, but this time it is metallic (like the previous variants). This logo is mainly used on the screen, in the upper right corner, during programming between 2007 and 2010; It also appears in some commercials and on the website of the channel. And from 2010, this logo is used on the on-screen bug logos and promotional channel at that time.



By 2011, the 1997 logo in metallic tone, is adopted as the official logo of the channel returning the 2007 variant logo.

Las Estrellas


Las Estrellas

As of August 22, 2016, the channel is completely renewed with a logo in which it forms one of an 8-pointed thin star with a color type at each peak (Purple, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue, Turquoise and Yellow). At the bottom of this logo is the ident TV channel name "Las Estrellas" in lowercase letters with Klavika font by by Eric Olson.

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