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1932-1986 1986-1996 1996-2003 2003-2007 2007-2019 2019-present
1932-1986 1986-1996 1996-2003 2003-2007 2007-2019 2019-present


Lay's Logo 1965.svg

Lay's was launched in 1932 in the United States.





Lays Chips.svg

This logo is still used on several Frito-Lay trucks, Lay's Deli Style Original Potato Chips, and on the lids for the Lay's Stax cans.


Lay's logo.png

Logopedia Info.svg

This logo was introduced in late 2003. The text's shadow became a gray gradient, and the word "brand" and the registered trademark sign inside the red part had been turned white. The logo was also turned in 20 angles in a 3D perspective sort of way.

2007–2019; 2007–present (International)

Mid products lays.svg

In 2007, the logo turned 3D while Lay's started a new font and the gold band was added.



Logopedia Info.svg

In early September 2019, Lay's received a new logo with an altered typeface and edited band and globe.[1][2]

The redesign, which took two years to complete, is an attempt to keep the brand relevant in the era of social media and content regeneration.[3] While this logo started to roll out in the United States, the previous one continues to be used in some countries.


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