Ledo is a Croatian ice cream company found in Zagreb in 1958. Ledo's first ice cream was Snjeguljica which means Snow White. The company expanded to other European countries such as Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Even though Ledo was found in 1958, Agrokor bought the company in 1992, and this was the company's first logo when it was bought out by Agrokor. Although this logo stopped appearing in commercials and ice creams during 2006-2007, this logo is still used on old trash bins, old freezers, some beach signs and some old parasols in some locations. This was used as a secondary logo during 2006-2007, although most commercials during 2006-2007 would have the next logo, this logo would rarely appear. In 2007, the logo was removed completely.


In 2006, the Ledo logo got a makeover, the Ledo bear Ledo Medo is outside of the logo, and the Ledo circle is diagonal. This logo appeared on ice creams and commercials until 2014. Just like the previous logo, it's still used on old trash bins, freezers, and parasols. In certain cooking products, the logo is the same except he wears a chef hat and holds a spoon. In dairy products, Ledo Medo holds a rolling pin. In fish products, he holds a fish.



In 2014, Ledo Medo and the Ledo circle got a 3D rework. 

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