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Locomotion logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  November 4, 1996

Lifetime was originally launched as Locomotion in Latin America and the Caribbean on November 4, 1996. Broadcasting from Miami, Florida, U.S.A., the channel only had 3 different audio tracks including Spanish, Portuguese and English (as an optional audio track). Originally devoted to the Hearst Entertainment library. It later expanded its service into the Iberian Peninsula and parts of the United States in 1997.


Locomotion (1999).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura
Launched:  November 1, 1999

Locomotion received a new image on November 1, 1999. After the channel became adult-oriented with alternative animation and Japanese anime content starting early that year.



Locomotion 2001.svg
Designer:  Julian Pablo Manzelli
Typography:  Futura Bold
Launched:  November 4, 2001

Locomotion received another new image in November 4, 2001 named Locomotion City. The identity was designed by StudioChu (Julian Pablo Manzelli) a few months before Claxson's stake in Locomotion were sold to Corus Entertainment.


Locomotion (2004).svg
Designer:  Steinbranding
Typography:  Futura Bold
Launched:  April 25, 2004

The logo was slightly tweaked on April 25, 2004, with the branding being designed by Argentinian studio Steinbranding.


Locomotion 2005.svg

This was only used for two month (June to July 2005) as an onscreen bug, after HBO Latin America take over the operations of the network, in preparation to the Animax debut.



Animax logo.svg

On January 18, 2005, Sony Pictures Entertainment adquired Locomotion, which was eventually replaced by Animax on July 31, 2005 (adopting the name of an already existing Japanese channel owned by Sony as well).


Animax (blue).svg
Designer:  MOcean
Superestudio (on-air look)
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

In 2010, Animax unveiled a new logo designed by MOcean, as part of a restructuration in which all the Anime-related content would be completely removed from its programming in favor of airing Live-actions shows targeted to a teen/adult audience (change that already began happening in 2009). However, this logo became short-lived (lasting less than a year) as the channel ceased operations on May 1, 2011.

Sony Spin


Sony Spin.svg

Sony Spin was launched on May 1, 2011, in replacement of Animax. Contrary to its predecessors, Sony Spin wasn't well received by the public, causing low-ratings during its 3 years of life-span that led to its shutdown on July 1, 2014, in South America and on July 31, of the same year, in Mexico, Central-America and the Caribbean.



Lifetime 2013.png

On July 1, 2014, Sony Spin was replaced  with a local version of Lifetime (a joint-venture between A+E Networks and Sony Pictures Television).


Lifetime 2017.svg


Lifetime 2020.svg