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October–November 2020 (pre launch)

Pre launch logo registered on Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) on October 2020.

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Loading Entertainment Media is a Brazilian free-to-air TV network - but it calls itself a multiplatform youth-oriented content startup - featuring geek and gaming content, eSports, Asian productions - anime, tokusatsu, Korean dramas, K-pop music, etc. -, cartoons, series and films; at the same former MTV Brasil' channels (occupied by Ideal TV until then) and physical structures (a building originally used by Rede Tupi).



The official logo was unvield in November 11, when it was announced its first hosts and contributors on social media. The network started its signal in December 3, 2020, but officially launched at day 7.

Secondary/companion symbol, representing a website loading animation

Ideal TV (broadcast/pay-TV)
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