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On October 26, 2020, it was announced Loading, a new Brazilian young-oriented free-to-air TV network featuring a 24/7 programming with geek content, Asian productions - such as anime, tokusatsu, Korean dramas, K-pop music, etc. -, films, videogames and e-sports coverage, as well as its original productions.

The facilities will be in the neighborhood of Sumaré, São Paulo, in the same building that headquarted the defunct networks Rede Tupi and MTV Brasil - from the latter, it also inherited the frequency of all its stations (currently broadcasting Ideal TV), ensuring nationwide signal coverage. Scheduled to start broadcasting in December 7, 2020, the project goes beyond being much more than a TV network; its proposal is for Loading to be a producer and exhibitor of multiplatform content, including presence on pay TV, a freemium live streaming simulcast feed and video on demand.

Ideal TV (broadcast feed)
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