Users may be blocked/banned from editing by administrators in Logopedia.

If you or someone you know would like to file an appeal to unblock a user account, just copy the {{unblock|Your reason here}} then respond in a message on your talk page.

What happens when I request an unblock?

It may help with your unblock request if you understand how they are reviewed, and by whom.

  • After you save the unblock request to your talk page, it is automatically placed in a category for administrator attention. Many administrators routinely check this category. Any of them may read your request, and decide whether to take action on it or leave it for another administrator to review. There are but just a few administrators here at Logopedia, so if one admin doesn't want to look at your request, another admin will. Any review will be carried out by a majority decision (not by the admin who blocked you).
  • An administrator reviewing your request will most likely look over several logs - for example, your contributions, comments by others, and past issues, warnings or blocks (if any) to get an idea what happened and whether they think the block was merited. These logs, with the exception of deleted contributions, are viewable by any user. They will look carefully at the reasons given for the block and the unblock request, and the policies that back them. The aim in each case is to reduce disruption, damage, and similar issues from affecting Wikipedia.
  • They may, if they choose, leave a note for the blocking admin if they feel they need more information and put your request on hold. If they are considering unblock, administrative etiquette requires they inform the blocking admin and allow an opportunity to comment.
  • Often you will find more than one user commenting on your block, or a mini-discussion happening. The administrator who blocked you may contribute, but any decision will be made by the reviewing administrator who takes all points made into account.
  • If your request is accepted, they will leave a templated response on your talk page and unblock. If it is declined, they will give their reasons in an edit to the request template.

What are the reasons for why you should be unblocked?

  • Be brief.
  • Stay calm. The use of profanity, rambling, and ALL CAPS SCREAMING may and will result in an automatic decline of your unblock request and you will have your existing block extended to a permanent ban.
  • Focus on the concerns. And should not be vandalism, disruptive editing, edit war, spamming, sockpuppet, or harassment.

Also please read the policy first before unblocking a user by request.

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