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|text = March 20: [[21st Century Fox]] spins off its TV business into [[Fox Corporation]]
|text = March 20: [[21st Century Fox]] spins off its TV business into '''[[Fox Corporation]]'''.
|image = FOX.svg
|image = FOX.svg

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March 20: 21st Century Fox spins off its TV business into Fox Corporation.


March 19: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo launches a new logo, initially confined to its home country.

Oppo (2019)

March 18: Nightly TeenNick block NickSplat rebrands as NickRewind with new graphics and bumpers, reviving this name for the first time since 2006.


March 18: Cable television network C-SPAN unveils an updated version of their logo (along with versions for their other two channels, C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3) in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

CSPAN Navy-and-Cobalt

March 13: Film producer Gary Barber and Lantern Entertainment launch Spyglass Media Group to supplant The Weinstein Company.

Spyglass Media Group logo (2019)

March 12: Chilean gov. announces a new brand for Transantiago, now known as Red.


March 12: US food and confectionery company Mars, Incorporated refreshed its logo.

Mars, Incorporated 2019

March 11: Indonesian isotonic drink brand Mizone unveils a new logo.

Mizone 2019

March 11: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts has a new logo for the first time since its foundation in 1937.

Sheraton (1)

March 10: Cosmetics brand Avon unveils a new logo.

Avon 2019

March 10: Star TV's Tamil channel Vijay Super is repositioned as a movie channel.

Vijay Super 2019

March 1: Viacom18 rebrands its Hindi movie channel Rishtey Cineplex to Colors Cineplex.

Colors Cineplex Black

March 1: Indian TV network Viacom18 rebrands its Hindi entertainment channel Rishtey to Colors Rishtey.

Colors Rishtey Logo

March 1: Thai TV channel NOW26 rebrands to Spring 26, unveiling a new logo after three years.

Spring26 2019

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