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1969–1971 1971–1978 1978–1986 1987–1993

Lorimar Productions[]


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Lorimar Productions was originally created on February 1, 1969, by Merv Adelson, Irwin Molasky, and producer Lee Rich. The name is combination of Adelson's ex-wife Lori, and the last names of the founders, Molasky, Adelson, and Rich.[citation needed] During its first 2 years in operation, it didn't have a proper logo.


A Lorimar Production (1971)
Designer:  Sandy Dvore (logo)

Jack Elliot
Allyn Ferguson
Typography:  Custom ("LP")
Launched:  October 31, 1971


Lorimar - 1978
Designer:  Paul Pascarella (logo)

Jack Elliot
Allyn Ferguson
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  April 26, 1978
September 6, 1978 (on-screen)

On April 21, 1986, Lorimar completed its merger with Telepictures, fully creating Lorimar-Telepictures, and thus discontinuing the original iteration of the studio. Existing and new TV show/movie projects at the time were transferred to the latter.

Lorimar Television[]


Designer:  Unknown (based on the previous logo by Paul Pascarella)

Mark Snow (music)
Typography:  Custom ("LORIMAR"; modified)
Unknown ("TELEVISION")
Launched:  January 19, 1987
March 9, 1988 (on-screen)

This logo, which dates back to January 19, 1987 and introduced on-screen with the TV movie Shattered Innocence on March 9 of the following year, was part of Lorimar-Telepictures' failed Lorimar-wide overhaul, in which a revised version of the 1978 logo was used (noticeable differences being that the wordmark itself is slightly thinner, and that the "LO" is no longer connected to the first "R", along with the addition of a line across the "A"), and had it paired with a giant bar the width of it, with the name of the division written on it (this included "TELEVISION", "MOTION PICTURES"/"FILM ENTERTAINMENT", "HOME VIDEO", "SYNDICATION", "INTERNATIONAL" or "RECORDS").

In late 1988 (around the time Lorimar Television's on-screen "Marble" logo was introduced), amidst falling revenue, it was announced that Warner Communications (now Warner Bros. Discovery) would buy parent Lorimar-Telepictures and integrate it under Warner Bros. to some capacity. The process was completed on January 12, 1989, when L-T was separated back into their respective companies, both of which quickly became subsidiaries of the former. The Lorimar Television name would continue to live on for the next 5 years, when it would eventually be discontinued and fully merged into Warner Bros. Television, where the Lorimar library was transferred over to (with some exceptions). Coincidentally, around that time, the Lorimar Studios lot that the studio operated from up to that point, was sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment, causing it to be reorganized into present-day Sony Pictures Studios (existing shows then continued to be shot there until their 1994 seasons, when they moved to Warner Bros. Studios).

Lorimar Television
Lorimar-Telepictures (1986–1989)
Warner Bros. Television (1989–present)