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1967–1975 1975–1987 1987–1988 1988–1998 1998–2002
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2002–2011 2011–2019 2019–2024 2024–present


LA Kings 1967 logo


LA Kings 1975 logo

This logo would be used with a few design changes along the way until 1998.


7852 los angeles kings-primary-1988

Silver was added to the logo.


LA Kings 1988 logo

With the arrival of Wayne Gretzky via a trade on August 8, 1988, the team changed up its color scheme from purple/gold to silver/black to concide with his arrival. The crown became black and white, and the KINGS wordmark was now fully enclosed.

1998-2002 (primary), 2002–2013 (secondary)[]

Los Angeles Kings 1998

Note that the shade of purple is a different hue from that used from 1967-88; it is more blueish in appearance. This logo and the one below were introduced together; this "coat of arms" logo was used as the primary from 1998-2002, then as a secondary one threafter.

1998-2002 (secondary), 2002-2013 (primary)[]

Los Angeles Kings 2002

In 2002, this crown logo switched positions with the above "coat of arms" logo, and became the primary after four years as a shoulder patch and 3rd jersey crest. The 1998-2002 logo above would be the new secondary logo. It remained as the team's primary logo until 2011, but the black/purple jersey continued as a 3rd jersey until 2013.


Los Angeles Kings – 2011 logo


Los Angeles Kings 2019

A second silver outline was added to the logo.


Los Angeles Kings 2024 Logo
Designer:  House Industries
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  June 20, 2024

On June 20, 2024, the LA Kings unveiled a modernized version of the 1988-1998 logo as their primary logo beginning in the 2024–25 season.