Old Luxair logo

Luxair was created in 1948 as Luxembourg Airlines. Its first logo was the word "Luxair" that is italic except the "L" who uses is serifes as well as the five other letters, but the "r" is connected over to the "L".

This logo was first appeared when the airline began its operations.



On 21 October 1961, Luxembourg Airlines was renamed to Luxair and introduced its famous eagle logo that consists of a half-triangle on a flat rectangle that are both in the middle of a circle that are all coloured blue, including the "LUXAIR" wordmark which is beside to the symbol and are also coloured blue.

This logo has the longest use from 21 October 1961 to 14 December 2003.


Luxair neues Logo.svg
On 15 December 2003, for the first time of 42 years, Luxair dumped the blocky-eagle away from its logo and introduced a new logo that was a curved triangle in the middle of a mid-fat circle that are now coloured turquoise, together with the "LUXAIR" wordmark which is also coloured turquoise and had already changed its typeface.


Luxair Official Logo.svg
On 17 June 2007, Luxair launched its current logo which has the symbol become modified to be similar than the previous logo from 2003, and with it, the "LUXAIR" wordmark changes its typeface once again by making the letters "u", "x", "a", "i", and "r" become lowercase instead of uppercase.
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