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Métropole 6, better known as M6, is the flagship TV channel of Groupe M6, one of two main commercial free-to-air TV broadcasters in France, the other being Groupe TF1. M6, along with TF1 and flagship public channels France 2 and France 3, is one of the most popular TV channels in the country.

Groupe M6 is owned by RTL Group, a pan-European media conglomerate headquartered in Luxembourg. While the group does not use the RTL brand for its TV channels in France, using M6 instead, its two French radio stations are branded as RTL.


1985–1986 (prelaunch)

Logos tv3 tv6 5

M6’s history dates back to 1986 when CLT announced that they were going to launch a new terrestrial television channel in France called RTL6. However, the name and its logo are currently unknown.

TV6 France

1986-March 1987


On 28 January 1986, RTL6 was resurrected as TV6 France and replaced its prelaunch logo by the channel’s first logo. With it, the channel was launched on 1 March 1986, but its first logo was short-lived.



March–June 1987

Metropole Television 1986

On 1 March 1987, TV6 France was closed down and replaced by a new channel called M6. Its first logo was a 3D-animated M coloured blue with a red 6 appearing to the right.

June–September 1987

On 1 June 1987, M6 slightly remodified its network logo by making the red "6" become more abstract with the blue "M" grows more bigger thus the "Metropole Television" is removed from the logo.


September 1987–1999

M6 1987 logo

On 1 September 1987, M6 replaced its original logo in favour of a new logo which consists of an abstract "M" coloured grey with the red "6" is now placed on the top at the middle of the grey "M" by having a new set of idents and also a new theme music to the set.


M6 logo 1997

On 1 September 1999, M6 got a new logo.


M6 2009

On 30 November 2009, M6 unveiled another new logo, wherein the logo has been given a matte 3D effect and the M is now light grey instead of bluish-black. The 6 is a lighter shade of red as well.


M6’ current graphics package and set of idents, designed by the Paris-based Barjabulle, were introduced on 16 November 2015. Novecento Sans, an all-uppercase font, is used in on-screen typography.

Over a hundred idents have been produced for the channel, featuring everyday objects in various situations, all ending with the jingle Woah-oh-oh M6 in the D major chord.

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