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MGM Home Video


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MGM/CBS Home Video


MGM/UA Home Video


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1982–2006 (USA & most countries), 1982–2006 (Asia & Indonesia), 1982–2006 (United Kingdom), 2000–2006 (Thailand)

MGM-UA Home Video logo with Black Text
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MGM Home Entertainment

1998–2009 (North America & International), 1998–present (Asia)

MGM Home Entertainment Logo (Color)

Despite being acquired by Sony in 2005 for North America and everywhere else, this logo is still used in Asia on it’s VCD releases.

Final Note

As of 2005, with the formation of MGM's parent company, MGM Holdings, the post-May 1986 library was distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment until 2006 when 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment took over the distribution rights. The rights for that library was transferred to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on June 30, 2020. Further video releases of the pre-May 1986 library are distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment through their ownership of Turner Entertainment Co. As of 2012, MGM uses the 2012 logo for their movies as their de-facto standard for DVD and Blu-ray releases of late 2012-present titles.

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