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In 2010, Xiaomi Technology launched MIUI as its first product. It was a custom Android ROM similar to CyanogenMod with a UI that looks similar to iOS at that time. The MIUI ROM was translated to English unofficially by xiaomi.eu in late 2010 but the official English version of MIUI was introduced in 2011.

At that time, Xiaomi didn't make smartphones until the release of its first smartphone, the Mi 1, in 2011.


MIUI 2012 logo.jpg

This logo was introduced during the launch of MIUI V4.


MIUI Logo .svg.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham
Launched:  Unknown

This was used from MIUI 6 up to MIUI 10. However, this is still currently in used on MIUI Unlock site.

In 2018, MIUI introduced the other variants of its software skins called JoyUI for Black Shark phones, and MIUI for POCO for POCO phones.


New color logo of MIUI.png

This is currently used since the release of MIUI 11. Starting MIUI 12, this logo appeared as a default startup animation in all Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones.

In 2021, MIUI introduced the MIUI for Pad software skin designed for tablets and it is being used since the release of Xiaomi Pad 5.

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