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MNCTV (formerly known as TPI from 1991 until 2010) is a third private television channel in Indonesia. It is owned by MNC Group through its subsidiary Media Nusantara Citra, which also owned RCTI, GTV, and iNews.

TPI (first era)

1991–1997 (on-air), 1991–2002 (corporate)

Backup of rencana-tpi

TPI (initially was an abbreviation of Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia or Indonesian Educational Television) was began trial broadcast on 1 January 1991 and officially launched on 23 January 1991 by Tutut Suharto, daughter of Indonesia's second president Suharto. It was planned to be another public television service after TVRI but mainly focused on educational shows.

During the early years of broadcast, TPI had time-shared its channel with TVRI on every morning to afternoon (except Sunday because TVRI was broadcast from the morning. If TVRI broadcasts from the morning, TPI automatically will not broadcast at that time) until 1993, when it began to broadcast more entertainment shows as well as soap operas and began gradually to reduce educational shows. The logo itself was located on the top right then moved to top left since the mid-1990s and used on-air until 1997, while it still used on corporate purposes until 2002.

Televisi Keluarga Indonesia


Logo TPI - Televisi Keluarga Indonesia - Interlaced

As the channel increased its family entertainment positioning, TPI launched a new ident which introduced a new brandmark entitled Televisi Keluarga Indonesia (Indonesian Family Channel) along with a new slogan Makin asyik aja (English: It's way more fun!) in 1996. On 25 August 1997, TPI spun out from TVRI and the original abbreviation was no longer valid then educational shows no longer aired.

The logo mainly resembles the logo used by American TV network The Family Channel (now Freeform) and would later replace the former on-air bug in 1998.

TPI (second era)



On 23 January 2001, TPI replaced both individual on-air and corporate logos with an entire brand-new logotype. It consisted of a globe with three curves behind the bold italicized blue 'TPI' text.

In October 2003, Media Nusantara Citra acquired 75% stakes of TPI.


TPI 28MNCTV29 Logo 2006-2010
On 23 January 2006, TPI unveiled its new logo, which was a curve surrounding custom 'TPI' wordmark and five colorful light beams.




On 20 October 2010, TPI was renamed to MNCTV.


MNCTV logo 2015

On 20 May 2015, the logo was straightened as a part of MNC Group corporate-wide minor rebranding.

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