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Mnc news Mnc news 2009 Data 52947a53a1934 MNC News 2014 MNCNews tegak MNC News
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MNC News is a 24-hour news television station in Indonesia launched on 1 March 2006. This program was witnessed through the MNC Vision satellite dish on channel number 84. Since 2012, MNC News has been owned by MNC Channels. You are MNC News, currently iNews and IDX Channel.



Mnc news

This first logo uses the MNC company and the words "NEWS" below it.


Mnc news 2009

This secondary logo uses the MNC company and the words "NEWS" below it.


Data 52947a53a1934

As the channel began to integrated with MNC Channels, the name was changed to MNC News.



MNC News 2014

Tilted version, used when celebrating the 8th anniversary of MNC Channels.


MNCNews tegak

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Along with MNC Group logo rebrand, this logo was uprighted. Used from May 20, 2015 until now.


MNC News

On 15 January 2020, MNC News changed its logo again. MNC News has come its new face without using the MNC icon.

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