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ABS-CBN Star Radio Network



ABS-CBN used the Star Radio brand in 1993 for regional FM stations, replacing the Radio Romance brand which was used prior to the brand's launching. The Manila station remained under the Radio Romance brand until 1996, when the station was relaunched as WRR 101.9.



ABS-CBN Radio Logo 1997.jpg

On 1997, some of the regional Star Radio stations were rebranded as ABS-CBN Radio.




ProStar was a branding of selected ABS-CBN regional FM radio stations outside Manila until 1999.

ABS-CBN For Life!




In 1999, ABS-CBN Radio regional stations rebranded as ABS-CBN For Life! This logo contains a script-like For Life! wordmark, and ABS-CBN's logo., however, ended consequently in 2000, in line with the unveiling of ABS-CBN's new logo.



The logo was modified following ABS-CBN's new logo unveiling.

MOR: My Only Radio For Life!




On July 14, 2001,  as 91.9 CDO celebrated its 6th year, Malvern Esparcia (known on-air as Brother Bernie, now as Bernie Bitokbitok/Tita B) changed the name of ABS-CBN Radio to MOR (known as My Only Radio) which means the province of Misamis Oriental The original logo had an additonal, it has orange radio with a pink M, a blue R, a circle with ABS-CBN's RGB color. Few years later, all regional stations changed from ABS-CBN For Life! to MOR.


Logo mor.gif

The logo was given a makeover in 2007, replacing some of the first logo's elements with an RGB oval with a Hand of Sean M and R, and the For Life tagline colored in yellow. the circle with ABS-CBN's RGB colors, was also retained, the ABS-CBN logo was discarded, and this was also the first logo to incorporate a set of headphones.(As Seen In MOR: My Only Radio Province Facebook Pages)




M.O.R. unveiled a new logo in 2013 together with the relaunch of DWRR-FM (formerly Tambayan 101.9 prior to the rebranding) as MOR 101.9 For Life! Manila, completely ending the station's chance of using its own branding. The new logo incorporated a completely modified version of the headphones in the logo, a new blue explosion in the background, a new, crazier version of the M and R letters, a slightly jumbled version of the "For Life!" slogan in Ackbar font, a new grey circle holding the distinct symbol of ABS-CBN (which likewise signified the return of the ABS-CBN logo to the MOR logo, this time without the square and text) and the legal name of the regional-turned-national network (also in Antique Olive), making it the first logo in the network's history to incorporate its own legal name.


MOR 2014.jpg

Starting in 2014, the ABS-CBN symbol was removed, and replaced with a red circle (representing an album disc or a record button). The byline "AN ABS-CBN STATION", with the 2014 ABS-CBN wordmark, is added.

The logo shown above is the corporate logo of the network and is also used in the stations of the network, with the legal name of the network being replaced with the station's frequency and a rotated red rectangle with the name of the region/city where the station broadcasts from.


MOR New Logo 2016.jpg

In September 2015, MOR drops the word "For Life" to simply "MOR: My Only Radio" and added the new word "Nationwide".



Recently last June 2017, MOR has unofficially changed its logo, but the headset is smaller with a red circle on the letter "O".

MOR Philippines


MOR Philippines 2018 Logo.png

On July 23, 2018, after the MOR Pinoy Music Awards, MOR Philippines was launched, with some regional stations had changed their logos, where the red headset is inside the "O".

On May 5, 2020, due to the cease and desist order issued by the National Telecommunications Commission, all MOR stations have suspended their broadcasting activities, together with all ABS-CBN, S+A, and Radyo Patrol stations across the country after its legislative franchise expired. On July 15, 2020, ABS-CBN announced the painful pronouncement to its employees that the company will go into retrenchment on August 31, laying-off much of its employees after its new franchise was denied by the House of the Representatives. The following day in an episode of Failon Ngayon sa TeleRadyo, DJ Chacha, host of Dear MOR and formerly Heartbeats confirmed that MOR Philippines will fold on the said retrenchment date.


MOR PH Logo.png

In mid-September 2020, MOR Philippines was relaunched online but it was divided into four: Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Selected programs are broadcast via Facebook pages of MOR Philippines. The logo leaving the MOR and Philippines text, and it added the WiFi signal ribbon with the colors of ABS-CBN, signifying online presence worldwide.

MOR Entertainment



On February 14, 2021, ABS-CBN launches MOR Entertainment online that will feature live programs daily on social networking site Facebook, iWant TFC, and Pinoy community app Kumu, podcasts on music streaming service Spotify, and content exclusives on video-sharing platform YouTube..

MOR Entertainment is also set to introduce more relatable shows focusing on relationships, showbiz, travel, and lifestyle, host exclusive events, and promote Filipino artists and their music.