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MTV3 is the oldest and most popular private TV channel in Finland. It is colloquially known as Maikkari (or Kolmonen, meaning The Third). MTV3 is the flagship channel of MTV Oy, the largest Finnish commercial broadcaster and a subsidiary of Swedish telecommunications company Telia Company.

On December 1, 1986, Kolmoskanava (also known as TV3 and informally as Kolmonen) was launched as a joint venture between MTV Oy, Yle and Nokia. MTV Oy eventually took over the shares of Kolmonen, and it launched a new channel under its current brand, MTV3 (renamed from MTV to avoid confusion with its American namesake), in 1993.

MTV(3) used an owl as its logo for many decades (and an owl’s eye from 2001) until its major companywide rebrand in 2013.




Kolmoskanava was established on December 1, 1986 as the third terrestrial television channel.

The channel was the first nationwide commercial channel in Finland, although it did not produce any of its programmes themselves, instead relying on imported programmes (mostly from America), sports and a small number of Finnish programmes, most notably the bingo game show Megavisa, which aired from 1991 until 1995.



Shortly after, on January 1 1993. The network got relaunched as MTV3. The owl logo (as well the company’s logo at the time) was designed drastically with ribbon motifs. The new owl logo was designed by John Kennedy of McCallum Kennedy D’Auria Ltd.


MTV3 1996-2001.svg



MTV3 logo 2001.svg

MTV3 got a new logo on 6 September 2001. It was created by Novocom and is supposed to represent a stylized owl’s eye, harking back to the channel’s legacy of having owls in its logos.


MTV3 logo 2006.svg

On 3 October 2005, MTV3 received a minor update for its 2001 owl’s eye logo by changing the 3 numeral’s colour from red to black. With it, the station presented a new identity designed by London–based design group Kemistry.



Mtv3 new logo.svg

MTV Media underwent a major corporate rebranding in 2013 and renamed itself to MTV Oy. The rebrand was commissioned by London-based creative agency DixonBaxi. The rebrand was announced in May 2013; the new corporate logo was unveiled in August, and the channel logos in October.

The rebrand was implemented on 3 November 2013 at 7pm on all of MTV’s TV channels, which introduced new logos and graphics packages. The new corporate font is FS Emeric, which is used by all channels and properties.

MTV3 dropped the historic owl symbol and introduced a new circular logo. However, the idents and graphics package were nevertheless influenced by an owl’s wing. They used a wingbeat visual signature.


MTV3 new logo 2017.svg

On 22 May 2017, MTV3 modified its 2013 logo slightly by putting it inside a red square. A new set of idents and a modified graphics package were introduced. The new look was created by Wake Dynamite.


MTV3 2019.svg

On 6 August 2019, the circle was removed altogether, leaving only the MTV3 text. However, it remains for the corporate logo of MTV Oy. MTV Uutiset, the news division of MTV Oy, had also removed the circle in a minor rebrand in December 2018.