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In December 2010, the Government of Hungary and the European Broadcasting Union has announced that Magyar Távirati Iroda, Magyar Rádió Zrt, Magyar Televízió and Duna Televízió is going to be merged into '''MTVA''' which will be Hungary's largest public broadcasting company and also a cooperation of Hungay's four public media services. With it, the broadcaster was launched on January 1, 2011 and its first logo consisted of the word MTVA in a matrix typeface. Unfortunately, its first logo was short-lived because it had a short-use of 19 months until it was discontinued in July 2012.



On July 27 2012, MTVA dropped the 2011 logo and introduced a new logo in an effort to bring the organisation together as a new corporate identity was launched for the start of the Olympics. It includes new logos for seven radio networks and four TV channels.