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1991–1994 1994–2007 2007-2009 2009-2011 2011–2021 2021–2022

MTV Asia[]


MTV Logo 1981

MTV Asia started broadcasting on 15 September 1991 as a joint venture between STAR TV and Viacom. It was part of the STAR TV Network package of channels that also consisted of STAR Plus, STAR Chinese Channel, Prime Sports, and BBC WSTV.


MTV 1994

In 1994, after their joint venture with STAR TV expires, Viacom started to broadcast MTV Asia on its own.


MTV Asia 2007

On 2007, MTV Asia took a modified logo into "two" parts resembling a domino. On the left side, where some parts of the big "M" as well as "Music Television" wordmark were cropped. On the right side, a different color scheme were used adding a wordmark of MTV Asia's website. Notice that the ".com" mark is separated under a different line, aligned left.


MTV Asia 2009

MTV Asia modified their 2007-2009 logo where the original MTV logo were now displayed in full.


MTV (2010)

MTV Asia quickly follows the United States' logo where the wordmark "Music Television" were no longer part of the logo.


MTV 2021 Retro

On 1 September 2022, MTV Asia was replaced by MTV 90s (or MTV Live in selected countries including Malaysia).

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