1989–1992 (block); 1992–1999 (channel) 1999–2000 2001–2011 2011–present
1989–1992 (block); 1992–1999 (channel) 1999–2000 2001–2011 2011–present

MTV (first era)

1989–1992 (block); 1992–1999 (channel)

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MTV was originally launched on September 1, 1989 as a music block of Tokyo Broadcasting System. On December 24, 1992 MTV started to broadcast as its own channel.



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In 1998, Music Channel Inc. cancelled the license with Viacom and in 1999, the channel was renamed as Vibe.

MTV (second era)


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In 2001, Viacom once again formed a contract with Music Channel, and created a revival of the channel on January 1st.


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