MTV 1994

In May 2005, MTV Denmark was launched, replacing MTV Nordic. On September 18 2005, MTV Sweden, Norway and Finland were launched which resulted in MTV Nordic ceasing as a brand.


MTV (2010)

On February 22 2019, MTV Nordic returned replacing the local MTV channels. Although they continued to operate separate websites and social media accounts.

On October 1 2019, MTV Nordic (which was free-to-air in Finland) was replaced with Paramount Network, while MTV Music 24 was replaced with MTV Nordic. Therefore making it a pay-TV channel in Finland.[1]

In early 2020, MTV Nordic as a branding began to reappear on social media replacing the local Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Instagram accounts were not affected.

On February 1, 2021 MTV Nordic was replaced by MTV Global. All social media accounts were shut down in mid-2021.

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