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The Music Channel

1980 (Pre-launch)

The Music Channel 1980

MTV was originally called The Music Channel and its logo was created by Manhattan Design in May 5, 1980.[1]

MTV: Music Television


From its launch on August 1, 1981 until February 8, 2010, the "Music Television" was included underneath the logo. Many MTV fans recognize this logo because of its unique design that allows it to become anything.

(Other logos: MTV/Other)



MTV (2010)

On February 8, 2010, MTV dropped "Music Television", for the very first time altering the basic structure of the logo on a permanent basis. The tagline "Music Television" was eliminated to reflect the network's decrease in music-related programming. Notice that the other lower parts of the logo is removed. They still do music on this channel.

Brand New ranked this the 12th worst logo of 2010.



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