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This article is about the first iteration of MTV in Brazil, a defunct free-to-air TV network owned by Grupo Abril. For the current pay TV channel owned by ViacomCBS, see MTV (Brazilian pay TV channel). For the TV networks that succeeded it in their frequencies of free-to-air stations, see Ideal TV and Loading.
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1990–2006 1995–1999 1999–2006 2006–2007 2007–2012 2012–2013
1990–2006 1995–1999 1999–2006 2006–2007 2007–2012 2012–2013


MTV (1981).svg

In 1990, Grupo Abril signed an licensing of the MTV brand with MTV Networks, subsidiary of Viacom. MTV Brasil started free-to-air broadcasts in October 20, 1990. The Brazilian version of MTV used the same IDs from the U.S. channel.



Consolidated as an national network, MTV Brasil added Brazil's flag in the logo for some uses in 1995. In IDs, the logo was adapted for each ID.


Logo MTV Brasil (1999-2005).svg

MTV Brasil added a circle on the logo, with the green and yellow colors.



Logo MTV Brasil (2006-2007).svg

In 2006, MTV Brasil modified the original MTV logo for use in their programming. In this version, the 3D M of the MTV logo was modified to an 2D adapted version.


Logo MTV Brasil (2007-2012).svg

In 2007, “Music Television” was dropped from the logo.


MTV (2010).svg

In 16 February 2012, MTV Brasil adopted the logo and IDs of MTV International.

In 30 September 2013, Grupo Abril returned the rights of the MTV brand on Brazil to Viacom. In the next day, MTV Brasil became a new pay television channel, full-owned by Viacom. At the same day, the free-to-air network of the current MTV Brasil was replaced by Ideal TV.

MTV Brasil
BRZ (satellite)
Ideal TV (broadcast)
MTV (pay TV)
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